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Eating Raw Food

My sister is very heavily into eating raw. That means eating only un-cooked vegetables, beans, nuts and nectars.

I only wish I had that kind of discipline. I mean can you imagine going out to a restaurant and reading all the lovely hearty meal options, turning to your friend and asking, “so what are you having” and they say “lasagna looks good, or the pepper encrusted roast baby lamp chop with mint sauce and truffle infused mashed potatoes. I really like the molten lava chocolate soufflé too. What are you having?” and you have to say back, “Salad. Hold the dressing. Hold the croûtons. For dessert I guess I’ll have the tiramisu with fresh mint. Hold the tiramisu.”

I understand all the benefits of eating raw for at least 80% of the time (honestly, I don’t think many people are suited to eat raw 100% of the time), but I just can’t seem to get there.  There’s more nutrition in raw food, it’s usually easier for our stomachs to digest, not to mention that it’s better for the environment the more raw we humans eat.

As with most things, I think it’s the societal pressure to eat cooked food that’s the hardest to deal with – not to mention that having grown up with cooked food, it would take a lot of investment to learn a whole new way of food preparation and eating without a good support group.  It would be almost easy to go raw if you lived with 4 other people who were also raw and everyone was really enthusiastic about taking turns to preparing raw meals.  Of course, the likelihood of that ever happening is infinitesimal!

Yes, some of the food my sister made looked absolutely delish, but this recipe for a ‘chip replacement’ which is basically just sliced zucchini, makes me want to grab a bag of potatoes and start double frying them before stuffing them down my gullet boiling hot.

The funny thing is, eating less fattening / processed food does actually make me feel better. But somehow, I can’t seem to reprogram myself that a mutton briyani is not just the thing for lunch after a stressful morning.

*sigh* I suppose it all comes down to discipline, will-power and the willingness to exercise it in the first 6 months at least.  Wonder if I will find it in myself to take the plunge next year…


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Slabs of dead animals are definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. I’ve seen and read all the information about why eating meat is not a good idea, but I just can’t seem to make the leap to saying No.

All the same, for my own sake (if not for the animals), I try to find a way to minimize the effect of modern meat farming on my health (the chemicals, the antibiotics, the toxins built up in meat from animals forced to live in deplorable conditions).

Honestly, I don’t know why it makes me feel better to eat an animal I know has had a cushy life with lots of good food and wide open spaces to run about, than the meat of an animal that’s lived in overcrowded conditions being miserable every day of its short life, but it just does.

I like eating happy dead meat for myself just as much as I like knowing that the chicken had a good life before it became my happy dead meat.

To that effect, I’m looking forward to this Friday when I get my first shipment of chickens from Furryhill Farm – quite possibly Malaysia’s first free range organic chicken farm.


Bwok bwok bwok

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