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A Mopsy Profile

Today is Mopsy’s day (Which he will be pleased about because he looooves attention)


Mopsy’s our boy puppy up for adoption. He was rescued from DBKL and is really REALLY anxious to find a new home with new owners to love.  He’ll be ready for adoption in about a week or so – needs a bit of time to fatten up and get his land legs, as he’s been cooped up in small spaces ever since he was born his legs are not so strong, and he tires easily as he’s just got over being sick.

He’s a little manja pup and will whine to be picked up and loved (I’m pretty sure the whining problem will be fixed once he has enough attention).   He can be noisy (i.e. he is a little barker) but this can be rectified early, as he will stop barking / whining as soon as you give him a warning whack. This is so unlike some dogs (when Coco was a puppy she would whine for an hour before giving up, Guruguru, if bored, will do a ‘pitiful’ bark for hours on end – even if you discipline him it only lasts for about 2 minutes before he’ll start up again).

He’s very very cute, but has probably been bullied for most of his life (suspect he was a runt) and his favorite thing to do is find a dark corner to chill out.  He’ll still come (most of the time) when you call, but after too much stimulation (like 15 minutes of a free run in the garden) he’ll quickly make his way back to his enclosure for some quiet time.

And yes, he always has that ‘pity me i’m cute’ look on his face


See the little bare patch under his little stubby tail (he loves wagging his tail and the stump is just too cute for words as it goes back and forth)?  He had an altercation at the DBKL compound, probably caused by overcrowding, – no worries, the fur is growing back already and it will be invisible soon.

For details on adopting Mopsy, please email tinytapir at gmail dot com


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Sunday Photos

profile of a lone ranger


one wandering tortoise

two startled kitties

Kitty House - the beautiful mama

I just love this photo, makes me laugh everytime

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These are my dogs

Shanti and Coco

Coco the purebred Malaysian mutt and Shanti the Akita + some other breed mutt.

Coco is from SPCA and Shanti was rescued from the side of the road by a home-rescuer who shall remain nameless.  All I will say about that is I am supremely thankful to said rescuer for actually rescuing her and giving her to me (or at least giving her to me initially before she lost her MIND).

We are switching Shanti from her rather rojak feeding to a purely raw diet – which she really takes to like a fish to water.  She just crunched up half a whole 2kg chicken.  Coco, on the other hand, took the chicken in her mouth daintily, spat it out on the ground then looked at it like it was an alien hand from Mars.  She makes her eyes really big, clamps her mouth shut and looks away like “it’s not there if I can’t see it” if i tear off a little chunk of chicken meat for her to try.  See. Even dogs can be in denial.

Shanti is really unfit.  She can prance and run for a short while before she just conks out and sort of drags herself along.  We’ve been taking her for 30 minute runs / walks every day, but that’s about her upper limit.  Coco, on the other hand, could go for 2 hours I suspect.

Here’s Shanti when I first came out tonight.  She’s really perking up on the raw diet and her coat is much slicker and softer than when she first came home.  She even jumped up on me and licked my face today! Which is a first… I used to pick up her front legs and her back legs would just collapse.

Shanti smiling

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