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Mopsy’s waiting.


you never call anymore…


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Recently a friend rescued a bunch of dogs from DBKL who were due to be put down.

Most were successfully adopted out except for 4 dogs who were left.  2 of the adult dogs are still at the vets, but these little 2 pups will be ready for new families in a couple of weeks or so.  They’ve both successfully recovered from Parvo (talk about cheating death twice!), and we’re just waiting for the all clear from the Vet.

Anyone want to meet Flopsy & Mopsy?

C’mon… how can you resist the puppies in a bucket…


Flopsy is a girl, she’s bigger and much more adventurous.  Mopsy is a boy, i think he was the runt of the litter and he’s much more cautious, timid and reserved.

awwwwww, an armful of puppies…


Mopsy loves to find places to hide. Like under the shelf on my desk for example. Apparently my diary is a comfortable restingplace.


Puppy Porn!

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Guru being pretty

This is Guru Guru, our adopted Afghan cavorting in the yard.  He has been referred to as a cat killer (rightly so).

Yes, he’s killed 3 cats and maimed one that the vet brought back to life.  It really can’t be helped with the literally hundreds of cats roaming our part of the world, and because he has run of the garden, especially in the initial stages (when the cats didn’t realize how tall he is when he’s on his back legs – that is, he’s taller than I am and practically reaches the top of the wall), he would catch a cat – 3 of them underestimated his reach.

I don’t think anyone can deny that it’s in a lot of dogs’ nature to chase cats, just happens that guru’s legs are long enough to actually CATCH them.  And afghan hounds are notorious for being cat-haters – after all, they were bred to hunt and kill wild cats in Afganistan. Yes, it’s a horrible thing, and the screeching of caught cats is really terrible, but what can one do?  In any case, he hasn’t caught any cats in quite some months now and we’re very careful about him being off leash as he does really get the blood lust when he sees cats (you should check out his eyes – kinda scary!)


the above 2 were taken last year – you can see Guru is much much skinner in this photo. Wow. actually I hadn’t even realized how much weight he’s put on…

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