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More Shanti and Coco

OK because people will believe everything they read over the internet. Here are photos of shanti and today’s newspaper:

me the newspaper and the dog

Yesterday she ate 1/2 a kilo of chicken, half a can of Addiction Dog food and a sprinkling of kibbles. This morning she ate a 1/4 of a chicken (wing) but she didn’t finish it. Guess she is full!

Tonight I am going to get some livers / kidneys for her as well as some beef.

If she looks thinner it is not because she is losing weight. It is because she is toning up – before she was a bit ‘saggy’ i.e. she had fat but no muscles on her legs. Now, her legs are toning up and she is slimming due to the toning.

Note, I can only JUST feel her ribs when I feel under her fur. She could probably afford to put on a bit more weight, but it’s up to her – to be honest, she is quite fussy about when to stop eating, no matter what you put in front of her.

shanti trying to get at my crotch

Here is Shanti trying to get at my crotch

Shanti at pool

Here is Shanti surveying her kingdom.


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These are my dogs

Shanti and Coco

Coco the purebred Malaysian mutt and Shanti the Akita + some other breed mutt.

Coco is from SPCA and Shanti was rescued from the side of the road by a home-rescuer who shall remain nameless.  All I will say about that is I am supremely thankful to said rescuer for actually rescuing her and giving her to me (or at least giving her to me initially before she lost her MIND).

We are switching Shanti from her rather rojak feeding to a purely raw diet – which she really takes to like a fish to water.  She just crunched up half a whole 2kg chicken.  Coco, on the other hand, took the chicken in her mouth daintily, spat it out on the ground then looked at it like it was an alien hand from Mars.  She makes her eyes really big, clamps her mouth shut and looks away like “it’s not there if I can’t see it” if i tear off a little chunk of chicken meat for her to try.  See. Even dogs can be in denial.

Shanti is really unfit.  She can prance and run for a short while before she just conks out and sort of drags herself along.  We’ve been taking her for 30 minute runs / walks every day, but that’s about her upper limit.  Coco, on the other hand, could go for 2 hours I suspect.

Here’s Shanti when I first came out tonight.  She’s really perking up on the raw diet and her coat is much slicker and softer than when she first came home.  She even jumped up on me and licked my face today! Which is a first… I used to pick up her front legs and her back legs would just collapse.

Shanti smiling

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