A Mopsy Profile

Today is Mopsy’s day (Which he will be pleased about because he looooves attention)


Mopsy’s our boy puppy up for adoption. He was rescued from DBKL and is really REALLY anxious to find a new home with new owners to love.  He’ll be ready for adoption in about a week or so – needs a bit of time to fatten up and get his land legs, as he’s been cooped up in small spaces ever since he was born his legs are not so strong, and he tires easily as he’s just got over being sick.

He’s a little manja pup and will whine to be picked up and loved (I’m pretty sure the whining problem will be fixed once he has enough attention).   He can be noisy (i.e. he is a little barker) but this can be rectified early, as he will stop barking / whining as soon as you give him a warning whack. This is so unlike some dogs (when Coco was a puppy she would whine for an hour before giving up, Guruguru, if bored, will do a ‘pitiful’ bark for hours on end – even if you discipline him it only lasts for about 2 minutes before he’ll start up again).

He’s very very cute, but has probably been bullied for most of his life (suspect he was a runt) and his favorite thing to do is find a dark corner to chill out.  He’ll still come (most of the time) when you call, but after too much stimulation (like 15 minutes of a free run in the garden) he’ll quickly make his way back to his enclosure for some quiet time.

And yes, he always has that ‘pity me i’m cute’ look on his face


See the little bare patch under his little stubby tail (he loves wagging his tail and the stump is just too cute for words as it goes back and forth)?  He had an altercation at the DBKL compound, probably caused by overcrowding, – no worries, the fur is growing back already and it will be invisible soon.

For details on adopting Mopsy, please email tinytapir at gmail dot com


Mopsy’s waiting.


you never call anymore…

Recently a friend rescued a bunch of dogs from DBKL who were due to be put down.

Most were successfully adopted out except for 4 dogs who were left.  2 of the adult dogs are still at the vets, but these little 2 pups will be ready for new families in a couple of weeks or so.  They’ve both successfully recovered from Parvo (talk about cheating death twice!), and we’re just waiting for the all clear from the Vet.

Anyone want to meet Flopsy & Mopsy?

C’mon… how can you resist the puppies in a bucket…


Flopsy is a girl, she’s bigger and much more adventurous.  Mopsy is a boy, i think he was the runt of the litter and he’s much more cautious, timid and reserved.

awwwwww, an armful of puppies…


Mopsy loves to find places to hide. Like under the shelf on my desk for example. Apparently my diary is a comfortable restingplace.


Puppy Porn!

Guru being pretty

This is Guru Guru, our adopted Afghan cavorting in the yard.  He has been referred to as a cat killer (rightly so).

Yes, he’s killed 3 cats and maimed one that the vet brought back to life.  It really can’t be helped with the literally hundreds of cats roaming our part of the world, and because he has run of the garden, especially in the initial stages (when the cats didn’t realize how tall he is when he’s on his back legs – that is, he’s taller than I am and practically reaches the top of the wall), he would catch a cat – 3 of them underestimated his reach.

I don’t think anyone can deny that it’s in a lot of dogs’ nature to chase cats, just happens that guru’s legs are long enough to actually CATCH them.  And afghan hounds are notorious for being cat-haters – after all, they were bred to hunt and kill wild cats in Afganistan. Yes, it’s a horrible thing, and the screeching of caught cats is really terrible, but what can one do?  In any case, he hasn’t caught any cats in quite some months now and we’re very careful about him being off leash as he does really get the blood lust when he sees cats (you should check out his eyes – kinda scary!)


the above 2 were taken last year – you can see Guru is much much skinner in this photo. Wow. actually I hadn’t even realized how much weight he’s put on…

Sunday Photos

profile of a lone ranger


one wandering tortoise

two startled kitties

Kitty House - the beautiful mama

I just love this photo, makes me laugh everytime

What does it actually mean to be ‘Living it Green’?

To me, there are many shades of Green ranging from the uber-dark Green (live in an eco-village in a house with compacted dirt floors, growing your own food, composting everything, eating raw vegan , not owning a car, using electricity that’s not solar powered or using motorized transport) to light pale Green (recycling, using reusable bags and trying to sleep without air conditioning), and a whole bunch of shades in the middle.

Me, I think I’m apple green.  But I’m aiming to try to get to grass green by the end of the year.

Everyone has different passions, different comfort levels and different values.  To me, on a practical basis I know I can’t move to an eco-village or a commune in Australia.  I know I need motorized transport (let’s face it, it just wouldn’t be done for me to bicycle to work with my briefcase strapped to my bike, dodging traffic and risking life and limb!).  I know I need electricity – because how else would I work at night or even be writing this on my laptop?

The things that I do that are green happen mostly in my head.  It’s all about awareness – awareness of the footprint we leave and about the consequences of our actions.  Although I will still occasionally use a plastic bag, it’s always in my head “there’s another resource I used that I didn’t need to”.  When I drive in my car and look at fellow travelers stewing in their solitary cars stuck in the same traffic jam, I think “traffic would be so much better if more of us had car-pooled, if public transport were more useable”.  And eventually, maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually, I will get so sick of thinking this thought that I will finally do something about it.

That’s the real crux of truly Living it Green. To be aware of our impact of the world, instead of mindlessly wandering through a life of aimless and pointless consumption.

Think about how so much of how we live our lives is habit.  We’re just used to taking that extra plastic bag at the supermarket, used to buying that can of dog food and leaving appliances plugged in when we’re not at home.

How hard is it to change these learned habits?

Often all it takes is one step in the greener direction.  Using a funky envirosax shopping bag for example, and saying no to the plastic bag.  Suddenly, you’re already aware of waste that you said no to.  And you feel good, which is one of the best things of making that step – feeling good that something is not wasted.  It’s such a cheap and easy way to feel good about oneself, it’s a wonder not more people do it.

Just one little step towards doing something a little out of habit is usually all it takes.  Before long it will seem downright strange to be carrying a single use plastic bag, and distasteful to have to use a Styrofoam container to carry your lunch 500m to be eaten.

More Shanti and Coco

OK because people will believe everything they read over the internet. Here are photos of shanti and today’s newspaper:

me the newspaper and the dog

Yesterday she ate 1/2 a kilo of chicken, half a can of Addiction Dog food and a sprinkling of kibbles. This morning she ate a 1/4 of a chicken (wing) but she didn’t finish it. Guess she is full!

Tonight I am going to get some livers / kidneys for her as well as some beef.

If she looks thinner it is not because she is losing weight. It is because she is toning up – before she was a bit ‘saggy’ i.e. she had fat but no muscles on her legs. Now, her legs are toning up and she is slimming due to the toning.

Note, I can only JUST feel her ribs when I feel under her fur. She could probably afford to put on a bit more weight, but it’s up to her – to be honest, she is quite fussy about when to stop eating, no matter what you put in front of her.

shanti trying to get at my crotch

Here is Shanti trying to get at my crotch

Shanti at pool

Here is Shanti surveying her kingdom.